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The History of the Ashurov and Malikov Families of Baku, Azerbaijan

Below is an abridged history of the Ashurov and Malikov families, of Baku, Azerbaijan. Their combined stories stretch back to the early eighteenth century, when both families were famous traders. The Ashurovs, in particular, became one of the leading political families of Azerbaijan.Their story became deeply entwined in the struggles, triumph and disasters of the early twentieth century.

No less impressive, the Malikov family, a part of Azerbaijan's ancient nobility, also reflects the complex and challenging nature of Azerbaijan's quest for independence.


At the bottom of this page you may download a PDF copy of the chronology, which is based upon the  'biography' of the Ashurov family, published in Baku in 2015, and written by professor Adalet Tahirzade. Copies of this book are available in Azeri, English or Russian: for a free PDF copy in the language of your choice, please make a request to us via the Contact section of this website.

Click on the PDF symbol to download a copy of the family chronology in English

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