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The Ashurov Malikov Family Organisation

This website has been set up by the grandchildren of Azar Malikov (and children of Tahira Mahmudova): the website is published by Northern & Eurasia Strategies Limited.

This website is dedicated to our beloved grandfather, Azar Malikov, who sadly passed away in 2019. The site celebrates the remarkable history of two famous Baku families, who became central to the history of Azerbaijan and the country's quest for independence and prosperity. The Ashurov and Malikov families united with the marriage of the successful merchant, Teymur Malikov, and Kyubra Khanum Ashurova (daughter of the great Baku shipping and trading tycoon, Aslan Ashurov).

The Ashurov Malikov Family Organisation is dedicated to preserving and explaining the history of the two families. In so doing, this website also hopes to shine a light on the extraordinary history of Azerbaijan - particularly in the twentieth century - and the country's quest for independence and to recover its prosperity. Neither this website, nor the Ashurov Malikov Family Organisation, plays any role in politics in Azerbaijan or elsewhere.

To see more about the Qosha Qala Malikov family palace, click on the picture to open or download a PDF

Copyright: The Ashurov Malikov Family organisation believes that it owns the copyright on all the images and content that appear in this website; or that the material is licensed under a Creative Commons agreement. We are, of course, happy to acknowledge and respect the rights of all copyright holders. Please contact us to raise any copyright issues.

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