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This website is dedicated to the history of the Azerbaijani families, Ashurov and Malikov, who were famous international traders, from the eighteenth century until the years of the Soviet Union. The families were united in the early twentieth century, with the marriage of the remarkable Teymur Malikov and Kyubra Khanum Ashurova.


The subsequent Malikov descendants played important roles in the development and modernisation of independent Azerbaijan and they continue to do so today. On this website, we have set out their remarkable story of success, which is also the story of Azerbaijan and, in particular, the story of the great city of Baku.

Ashurov family palace.jpeg

The illustration used at the top of this page is based on the plans of the Ashurov family palace, built in Baku in 1837. Sadly, it no longer exists (it was destroyed in the Communist era). Click on the above to see other pictures from our archives.

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